Calow Berry Farms, LLC
Grower of the Aronia Berry


Peter & Colleen Nipp


Omaha, Nebraska


(402) 305-2280



Aronia Harvester


Welcome to Calow Berry Farms

Calow Berry Farms is a commercial grower of Aronia berries that was established in 2007.  Our farm is located approximately 20 miles west of Omaha, Nebraska.  We are a family owned and operated business, with a goal of improving the land through organic farming, provide a quality product,  provide our children the exposure to outdoors to understand nature and the role farming plays in our society, and most of all, to provide a place for our family to work and play together.

We utilize the Joanna harvester by WEREMCZUK, and represent their product here in the USA.    They manufacture various harvesters, the one for Aronia is made specifically for the task, picks the bushes clean, and provides a clean product in the tote or lug free of most leaves and debris.  To learn more about the harvester, contact us, or visit our harvester page, or simply click here.


Joanna Harvester demonstration -  Saturday September 2, 2017.  From 10 am to 12 noon.   Actual demo will Start at approx. 10:30 am.   For directions to the farm, click on directions link above.  



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